Never tried Hashing before ? All you need is a T-shirt, Trainers and most importantly... a good sense of Humour! For more about what Crapaud's & Hashers generally do see our About page. We will make you very welcome, do try out one of our Runs.


Read our Booklet about Crapaud history. More nonsense in our 25th Anniversary of Jersey Hashing Weekend Celebrations Chronicle, October 2011.

Runs every Sunday 10am from selected hostelries. See our Hareline for more details


Newcomers (Virgins) free for 4 Runs: Weekly run Subs Members £4.50, Non-Members £5.50, Tadpoles £3.

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NEXT RUN: Sunday 24 September: Our 1,469 Run: Francis Le Sueur Centre, off Five Mile Road, St Ouen's Bay for 10.00am start. Hare: Wendolene

2017 FRENCH BIKE BASH: We all arrived back in one piece, apart from Tinks bike which is a near write-off. Good job Nuts-n-Bolts had a sharp eye on the Hotel CCTV when Frisco fell asleep in the Jack-Uzzi. He was dragged out comatose before he managed to drown himeslf. All in all a superb weekend and great fun, Big Thanks to Hares Red Baron, Commando and Gigolo. More to be revealed shortly.

65 YEARS OF WEDDED BLISS: Many Congratulations to Popeye and Olive on their 65th Wedding Anniversary. Their secret? Always saying "Yes Dear" to each other!

KILLER QUEEN, 15 DECEMBER: Thanks to all who booked, we have 25 of us attending. Pre-concert dinner 5.30pm to be shortly arranged.



EUROHASH 2019: Amazingly first 600 Rego's sold-out within 24 hours of launching bookings. Incredibly Frisco booked before then, along with our GM and a "Wurzel Gummidge" from CRAP H3. But if you missed "the Boat" (ouch!) please still register as next 200 booking go on a reserve list pending the organisers securing an 800 berth boat. Please go to www.eurohash2019.com to reserve your waiting place quick as we expect you will still get on-board for the massive fun!! Definitely a Jolly not be be missed, on a Big Boat with loadsa other Hashers and Hares who are on the Ball, no issues like this years in Vienna.

EXTRA CRAPAUD PARTY: Red Baron invites Crapaud's to his 60th Birthday Party on 11th November at Merton Hotel. Please e-mail The Red Baron to accept, advising you will bring him a nice Pressie!

OTHER STUFF: Your first time as a Hare? Don't worry, use the instruction manual! (Updated Dec. 2011)








Gorey image from Birdie
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