Never tried Hashing before ? All you need is a T-shirt, Trainers and most importantly... a good sense of Humour! For more about what Crapaud's & Hashers generally do see our About page. We will make you very welcome, do try out one of our Runs.


Read our Booklet about Crapaud history. More nonsense in our 25th Anniversary of Jersey Hashing Weekend Celebrations Chronicle, October 2011.

Runs every Sunday 10am from selected hostelries. See our Hareline for more details


Newcomers (Virgins) free for 4 Runs: Weekly run Subs Members £4.50, Non-Members £5.50, Tadpoles £3.

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NEXT RUN: Sunday 26 February: Illegal's Big 50 Birthday Run: Tenby Bars, St Aubin, park behind Parish Hall for 10.00am start. Bring a Torch! Afterwards watching Rugby Six Nations in Trafalgar. Hare: Illegal Entry, of course!

THIS WEEKS CULPRITS: "This is a Run of two halves" advised our Hare Commando this morning, "but don't go off-Trail 'cause I got no permissions... and hold the Checks because you might miss out on the Drink Stop!". This got our FRB's salivating so we quickly set off to find our Trail went uphill, uphill and more to the top, through loadsa country lanes. Eventually we found Red Baron who had setup the Drink Boot in back of his car. From there we went from country lanes into woods, woods and more woods. The whole Trail was laid in White stuff and a smattering of chalk for the checks, just hope I don't get anxious dog walkers beating a Trail to my door again! As for Sinners or even any Culprits we were really short on misdemeanours so our RA resorted to giving Pervey a sympathy Down-Down suffering Fly-Maybe's Friday.. CONT. RIGHT






EUROHASH 5-10 July 2017: We have 30+ Euro-Crapaud's going to EuroHash 2017 in Vienna. We have largest H3 contingent (outside Vienna's local Vindebona Hash) invading Euroland! See Jollies page. STOP PRESS: GM will get Pack together shortly after Xmas to plan our party interventions.

OTHER STUFF: Your first time as a Hare? Don't worry, use the instruction manual! (Updated Dec. 2011)

CULPRITS CONT: who cancelled all flights in face of fog, despite it being known this would lift later that afternoon. Resulting him missing his home team Lincoln FC becoming first non-league football club for 103 years reaching FA Cup quarter finals - 1-0 win against Burnley. Pervey was philosophical about his flight disaster "At least I get to see Lincoln in the quarter-finals!" Finally Commando was congratulated for a lovely Run in two halves which she downed slowly, with Red "Pinnafore" Baron disgracing himself wetting whole Pack without sipping a drop of his Down-Down! On On.









Gorey image from Birdie
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