Never tried Hashing before ? All you need is a T-shirt, Trainers and most importantly... a good sense of Humour! For more about what Crapaud's & Hashers generally do see our About page. We will make you very welcome, do try out one of our Runs.


Read our Booklet about Crapaud history. More nonsense in our 25th Anniversary of Jersey Hashing Weekend Celebrations Chronicle, October 2011.

Runs every Sunday 10am from selected hostelries. See our Hareline for more details


Newcomers (Virgins) free for 4 Runs: Weekly run Subs Members £4.50, Non-Members £5.50, Tadpoles £3.

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NEXT RUN: Sunday 22 January: Trinity Arms, park in Parish Hall car-park for 10.00am start. Hare: Rentabed.

THIS WEEKS CULPRITS: Very damp start this morning it getting even wetter during our Run, but before we even set off there were Sinners confessing misdeeds! Wendolene confessed she was lucky to get to the Run as it had been a tiring night, explaining she had a threesome in her bed. Raised eyebrows at Wendolene's daring nightime adventure but it turned out she was not so lucky having to care for her grandkids! Then a male Hasher unburdened himself onto our GM explaining why he was often late for Runs was because every weekend his wife gave him a long list of at least 6 domestic chores and he was struggling to get them all done by her deadline, so he always tried to get one or two done on Sunday morning. He nearly made our GM cry in sympathy when he confided if he wasn't getting through his chores quickly enough, or when he had a break to watch football, his wife shouted at him. CONT. ON RIGHT






EUROHASH 5-10 July 2017: We have 30+ Euro-Crapaud's going to EuroHash 2017 in Vienna. We have largest H3 contingent (outside Vienna's local Vindebona Hash) invading Euroland! See Jollies page. STOP PRESS: GM will get Pack together shortly after Xmas to plan our party interventions.

OTHER STUFF: Your first time as a Hare? Don't worry, use the instruction manual! (Updated Dec. 2011)

CULPRITS CONT: In sympathy for his plight Frisco was given a pint, and he helped Wendolene finish her's off too. Doubtfull if Friso will get any chores polished off this afternoon! Software was thanked for another Run through loadsa fields, despite it being very squelchy underfoot. At least Gigolo and Skywalker were not around to splash the Pack even more wetter than we eventually got! On On.









Gorey image from Birdie
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