Crapaud Receding Hareline & 2017-8 Diary

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Crapaud Rapidly Receding Hareline (Sunday morning Runs starting 10.00am unless otherwise noted)
Run Date Culprits Venue Comments
1481 17 December Charity Smuggler's Inn, Ouaisne Joint Run with Mother-Hash Jersey H3
1482 26 December Gigolo TBC We have decided to adopt our traditional Boxing Day Run format, instead of Xmas Eve. Likely later start 11.00am
1483 31 December Steptoe Chez Steptoe's From Shiraz Lodge, Belvedere Hill, St Saviour
1484 7 January 2018 Double Top & Skywalker TBC  
1485 14 January 2018 Pussy TBC There will be lots of happy Miaoows on this Run!
1486 21 January 2018 Muff Diver & Twin Peaks TBC  
1487 28 January 2018 Pervey TBC  
2017 Crapaud Diary
15 December: Killer Queen at Opera House Thanks to all who booked, we have 25 of us attending. Pre-concert dinner 5.45pm now re-booked at Casa Mia in Kensington Place. Please e-mail Tinks if you want to join us for early dinner but have not received e-mail about the changed (much better) venue. Concert starts 8.00pm, arrive early!
2018 Crapaud Diary
29 April 2018: Our 1,500 Run! Please reserve whole Weekend for a set of Special Celebrations! More details shortly.
6 - 10 September: French Bike Bash Our GM has sternly warned the Hares Illegal & Gigolo they MUST set the Trail in France, somewhere, anywhere, but it must be in France. Not like that infamous Bike Bash several years ago when they misled us to Isle of Wight. So we are advised the venue will be Deepest France, somewhere near Poitiers or Limoges. If our Hares don't get lost. To give enough time for drinking we leave Thursday morning 6 September, returning (worse for wear) Monday evening 10 September. So please tell Hash Cash if you are Up for Deep French!
2 December 2018: 2018 Xmas Run & Party! At Ragsby's request we have moved our usual date one week earlier, hopefully to avoid the Xmas Parade so he can join our Party. Make a note in your diary now. More details in due course.