Crapaud Receding Hareline & 2018 Diary

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Crapaud Rapidly Receding Hareline (Sunday morning Runs starting 10.00am unless otherwise noted)
Run Date Culprits Venue Scribe Comments
1529 18 November ET assisted by Fuzz Union Inn, Queens Rd. Wendolene  
1530 25 November Muff Diver & Twin Peaks Tree House, St Brelades Bay Steptoe  
1531 2 December Shiggy & Taxi Les Creux Bowls Club Pervey The amazing return of our Clubs Founder!
1532 9 December Hooker & Pussy 11.00am Sand Street Car Park Tinky Winky Our Xmas Party Fancy Dress Extravaganza! Book out whole day. Advisory: Book out following day for recuperating. See below for details.
1533 16 December Wendolene TBC Red Baron  
1534 23 December Gigolo Smugglers Inn TBC Methinks Gigolo is planning a few Tricks!
1535 30 December Red Baron TBC TBC Joint Xmas Run with JH3.
1536 6 January JH3 Hare/s TBC TBC by JH3 TBC Joint Xmas Run with JH3, Hared by Mother-Hash. Gotta be best Run of 2019, so far!
1537 13 January Frisco TBC TBC  
2018 Crapaud Diary
9 December: Crapaud's BLOWOUT 2018 Xmas Run & Party! Next Big Bash event is our Xmas Party on 9 December planned by experienced Hare's Hooker & Pussy. This promises to be an amazing day. Fancy Dress theme is Christmas / Pantomine, we will be assembling before 11.00am start in Sand Street car park. Get there early, don't keep our Harriette's waiting! All you need to do right now is pay £15 deposit to secure your seat and plan your Fancy Dress!