Crapaud Jollies, "Off The Rock" & Total Switch off Weekends

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Details of our great Crapaud Jollies, "Off the Rock" & Total Switch Off Weekends plus other absolutely fantastic Crapaud "Extra" Events to enhance your life experience......
29 April 2018 - Our 1,500 Run Weekend!
Please reserve whole Weekend for a set of Special Celebrations! More details shortly.
2018 French Bike Bash: 6 to 10 September 2018:
Our GM has sternly warned the Hares Illegal & Gigolo they MUST set the Trail in France, somewhere, anywhere, but it must be in France. Not like that infamous Bike Bash several years ago when they misled us to Isle of Wight. So we are advised the venue will be Deepest France, somewhere near Poitiers or Limoges. If our Hares don't get lost. To give enough time for drinking we leave Thursday morning 6 September, returning (worse for wear) Monday evening 10 September. So please tell Hash Cash if you are Up for Deep French!
EuroHash 2019: 16 to 19 August 2019:
Update: In addition to Tinky Winky, Frisco & Manchester Tart also ET, Pervey, Triple-X & Pussy are now onboard!! But if you missed "the Boat" (ouch!) please still register at to get on reserve list pending organisers securing an 800 berth boat grabbing your place for the massive fun!! Definitely a Jolly not be be missed!