Never tried Hashing before? All you need is a T-shirt, Trainers but most importantly a good sense of Humour! For more about what Crapaud's & Hashers do see our About page. We will make you very welcome, please try one of our Runs.

Read our Booklet about Crapaud history. More nonsense in our Jersey Hashing 25th Anniversary Celebrations, October 2011.

Runs every Sunday 10am (or shortly thereafter) from select hostelries. See our Hareline for more details

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NEXT RUN - Sunday 24 February: Our 1,543 Run, park at Mont Nicolle School, St Brelade ready for 10.00am start. On Down's inside Bears Lair, download map for location. Please note no dogs allowed at On-Down's. Hares: Rupert Bear and Sweet Caroline. Scribe: Muff-Diver.

2019 JOLLIES NEWSFLASH: The Mis-Management are delighted to announce our Annual French Bike Bash will be held on weekend of 6 to 8 Septemnber and Virgin Hares Colonel Tom & James Joseph have volunteered, with Tinky Winky guiding their planning. Then on weekend of 5 & 6 October our Club will be visited by Truro H3 when we are planning a Saturday afternoon Run, Saturday evening Party and Sunday morning Hangover Run. More details to follow for both events in due course.

RUN SUBS: Newcomers (Virgins) free for 4 Runs: Weekly run Subs Members £5.00, Non-Members £6.00, Tadpoles £3.00. Please pay Hash Cash before each Run.

OTHER STUFF: Your first time as a Hare? Don't worry, use the instruction manual!


MISSING HASHER ALARM: On Wednesday evening 6 February McKinley went missing. This was reported to States of Jersey Police who tweeted an alarm accompanied by an awful mug-shot, as seen below. Some 22 hours later the Police publicly announced he had fortunately been found safe and well. What remains a mystery is where McKinley went. Did he have a naughty rendezvous with a frisky girl for the night? Did he really go missing or was his wife hallucinating? When quizzed about his disappearing act McKinley briskly said "No Comment"!









Gorey image from Birdie
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